National Leadership Conference for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
  • "I wish I had taken this course earlier in my career. I believe it helped me be a BETTER PERSON (sic), not just a better physician and leader.

    I cannot thank you enough!"

  • "Thank you for this amazing, insightful, exhausting, exhilarating experience.

    I highly recommend that my colleagues have this opportunity"

  • Recent attendee survey results:

    96% have made changes in their communication and leadership approaches based on their experience in the course.

    62% have received a promotion, had a change of job, or taken on new leadership opportunities since completing the course.

  • "...This is clearly the best ACOG program I have ever been to—skill-based, superior content, totally useful to legislative, management, skills and interpersonal relations!

    Even amongst all other professional, non-ACOG programs, this was the most impactful I have seen!"

  • "What an amazing experience! I learned a lot about myself, and met some incredible people.

    It got me out of my comfort zone!"

  • "This course definitely was a life-changing experience. I have used many of the skills I learned to organize/run meetings, communicate more effectively with people, and seed out opportunities that fit my style better."

Leading Transformation in the 21st Century for Women's Healthcare

Cutting edge physician leaders have more than medical fund of knowledge: they are "tooled up" with the non-traditional skills of boundary-spanning leaders. The ACOG National Leadership Institute prepares talented OB-GYNs with the skills to lead the profession and health care in times of change.

World class instructors teach participants how to:

  • Lead transformation and change—on a personal, organizational, and systems level
  • Negotiate effectively and eloquently
  • Manage media communications—from social media and reputation management, crisis communications and advocacy, to translating complex scientific medical information into simple understandable messages
  • Use epidemiological evidence to guide policy recommendations for cost-effective care
  • Build the culture of teams and organizations to promote thought diversity and innovative thinking
This intensive Thursday - Sunday program "tools up" physicians with non-traditional skills.
A highly effective program with the stats to back it up.
Workshops are
led by prominent physicians leadership experts, negotiators, and communications specialists.