National Leadership Conference for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

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ACOG National Leadership Institute

Celebrating 10 years Training ACOG Leaders

Published Results

"Improving leadership skills in physicians: a six month retrospective study"
By Fernandez CSP, Noble CC, Jensen ET, Chapin J.

Published in the Journal of Leadership Studies 2016,
9(4), 6-19

In the past 17 years ACOG National Leadership Institute has:

Graduated 17 Cohorts of Fellows

Trained over 600 Fellows in leadership, media communications, crisis communications, advocacy and cutting edge topics in policy-related advances in the field

Demonstrated statistically significant changes in graduates' perceptions of their skills in 10 cross-cutting competencies


Many program Alums have gone on to be active in District or College leadership

We have achieved an overall rating of 4.999 out of 5 by participants

In a follow-up study with Cohort 8 Fellows:

100% acknowledged the course as beneficial to their practice as a physician leader.

96% noted they had made changes in their communication and leadership approaches based on their experience in the course.

62% noted they had received a promotion, had a change of job or taken on new leadership opportunities since completing the course

100% of these Fellows attributed the opportunity to their enhanced skills from participating in the course

100% of Fellows would recommend the course to their colleagues


These data suggest that significant leadership skills development can be effectively and efficiently promoted in physicians using intensive, short-burst, experiential leadership training.


Qualitative data provide examples of how participants had used their skills with statements such as the following:


    "This course definitely was a life-changing experience. I have used many of the skills I learned to organize/run meetings, communicate more effectively with people, and seed out opportunities that fit my style better."


    "…very helpful media training. Have had several national press interviews and published editorial in newspaper on important women's health issues since the training. VERY thankful for the information we received at the course."


    "I wish I had taken this course earlier in my career. I believe it helped me be a BETTER PERSON (sic), not just a better physician and leader. I cannot thank you enough!"

    "Thank you for this amazing, insightful, exhausting, exhilarating experience. I highly recommend that my colleagues have this opportunity"

    "...This is clearly the best ACOG program I have ever been to—skill-based, superior content, totally useful to legislative, management, skills, and interpersonal relations! Even amongst all other professional, non-ACOG programs, this was the most impactful I have seen!

    "What an amazing experience! I learned a lot about myself and met some incredible people. It got me out of my comfort zone!"